Autométrique is a French independent creative studio, founded by François Leturcq.
It focuses on creating websites, films, visuals, books or iPhone/iPad Apps.
Autométrique is working in collaboration with art galleries, artists, architects.

François Leturcq : Portrait.


Founder, Art Director, Strategic Planner

François is a graphic designer, photographer, filmmaker and developer.
He work with artists, Art galleries and magazines such as Yi Zhou, Sam Samore, Thomas Nordanstad, Galerie Downtown François Laffanour, Jousse Entreprise, Crash Magazine…

  • Graphic design 90% 90%
  • HTML 5/CSS 3 80% 80%
  • PHP/MYSQL 70% 70%
  • Unity dev. 70% 70%
Lily Ruban : Portrait.


Developer, Creative Technology Director

Lily is a developer, specialized in web development and iOs (iPhone/iPad) platform.
She’s graduated from European Institute of Technology (EPITECH – Paris). Lily worked for companies such as SQLI and Baracoda Media, on smartphones applications like Radioline, RTL, MAAF, etc.

  • Objective-C (iOs dev.) 90% 90%
  • PHP/MYSQL 90% 90%
  • JavaScript 70% 70%
  • HTML 5/CSS 3 80% 80%

« If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe. »

Carl Sagan. Cosmos.